Fen Technology

We are a firm that offers our clients the best of a new product development company. We excel at delivering technical solutions in a wide range of market sectors and enables disruptive innovation with our capabilities. Fen’s specialized team and highly qualified engineers have also developed a number of innovations that are now part of our ventures portfolio.

Technical Development Services

Our technical development services are provided by a global team of engineering and R&D experts with hands-on expertise. We will help you with aligning technology needs with your business goals. We achieve it by providing:

  • Technical development services and feasibility studies (see our broad range of technical capabilities)
  • Project management services which ensure that we take full responsibility of developing the solution from initial requirements backlog to fully functional product

Apart from technical expertise, our experts have broad business development and product lifecycle experience. We can help you with technical and business assessment of your product and provide you with a cradle-to-grave life cycle assessment. Finally, we can unlock access to non-dilutive public funding to so that you have capital to realize your project development.

Our ventures

At this moment we are developing 4 products:

Adamo Robot: a physical therapy robot that uses compressed hot/cold air to treat patients with neck or back pain

Vertical Green: rapid deployment portable farms utilizing innovative aeroponic and vertical fertigation plant growing technologies to produce cost-effectively fresh vegetables anytime of the year in any part of the Earth

Forest Inventory Management System (FIMS): a digital predictive tool for forestry management that helps forecast the evolution of forests under a series of key environmental parameter changes.

Proteinable: a new approach to create more uniform distribution of nanoparticles in carbon nanocomplexes by the utilization of a revolutionary organic protein

For more information, please check our ventures tab.

Our clients