Some medical devices are used to prevent or treat emergencies. These include diagnostic equipment and tests, personal protective equipment such as masks or gloves, and surgical tools and supplies. All of them may be adversely affected by conditions such as loss of power, moisture, or contamination. Facing this challenge, FEN developed compact and highly integrated vital signs monitor for non-medically trained, intermittent and professional users from aviation, military, maritime, civil and remote land locations occupation. The life-saving remote diagnostics device transmits a full set of medical parameters with simultaneous real-time voice and video. This required creation of an embedded solution that enabled any user application developers to deliver a reliable, responsive, high-quality experience that was simple to use, even for non-medically trained customers. Our device is capable of global deployment, with rapid system start-up and extended battery endurance. The system includes a multi-wireless standard hardware and software solution that allowed clients to take the unit through a series of stringent medical, aviation and environmental conformance tests. Fen integrated a board support package and developed a fully documented software solution that presented a defined API to the application development team.