Every year, people are killed or seriously injured when they come in to contact with live overhead electricity power lines whilst working on highways. Processes have been put in place to mitigate risk, but the high likelihood of injury is still present due to complacency, lack of focus/distraction and poor communication. Majority of maintenance works are carried out overnight, as a result, one of the biggest problems is that roadworkers simply do not notice overhead lines. Our solution is a personal hazard safety system which mitigates individual risk to overhead structures, such as high voltage electricity cables and bridges. It has been designed to improve awareness of those driving site vehicles and plant, helping reduce the likelihood of overhead strikes. The solution utilizes the latest IoT platform including device management, data insights and artificial intelligence. This innovation has a significant impact on the wellbeing of road workers by reducing their risk of injury, giving them peace of mind when working around overhead cables and other structures.