Fen explores new components and techniques, from ultra low cost through to higher-end flagship products, considering and modelling the best solutions to improve user experience.

We provide strategic consulting and engineering design to help brands identify how they can use connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT) to develop commercially viable connected systems. Our multidisciplinary teams then use their expertise to balance the many requirements of wearables and connected devices, delivering rapid design, development, and transfer to manufacturing.
Fen’s extensive skills and knowledge in product architecture and design, design for manufacture and test, and management of the new product journey to volume production and post-release support prove very valuable. In this regard, Fen has a successful track record in supporting early funding start-ups right through to established global brands such as Bosch.
Fen’s experience gained in a wide range of sectors can bring enormous advantage to the consumer electronics design process. The exacting demands of our instrumentation sector designs have allowed us to deliver consumer product solutions to our clients that far exceed the performance of their best-in-class competitors for little or no cost premium.

Case Studies