Fen helps major industrial organizations create and deliver new and existing products for their clients and markets

One of Fen’s underlying core specialties is Instrument design across a broad range of technology areas, including familiarity with the precision engineering required for the development of reliable, consistent and accurate scientific instruments, which is essential in this field.
We work with leading industrial organizations on projects ranging from every touchpoint on the connected facilities to robotics, and from maximizing opportunities brought by the Internet of Things to condition monitoring. 
Fen’s areas of expertise include:
•Control, sensing, and power units for Scanning Electron Microscopes, Electron Beam Micro-Fabrication units, and Mass Spectrometers
•IR line scanners, cameras, and thermography instrumentation
•High-speed image inspection systems for pharmaceuticals and industrial materials
•Image analyzers, including hardware, accelerated morphological processors
•Environmental sensors and monitoring systems for liquid and gaseous systems: modelling, simulation & design
•High-reliability, environmentally robust, analogue and digital logging products

Case Studies