Fen has a long track record of delivering innovative devices and supporting our medical sector clients with instrumentation and embedded development skills as part of their product development teams.

Medical products involve knowledge and experience in several disciplines. Fen’s instrumentation engineers have many years of experience developing these low-noise front-ends to ensure data integrity. Furthermore, our embedded software FPGA and DSP engineers are well-versed in the primary processing of that data in combination with other signals and sources, such as master clocks, video and data streams. High integrity timing management is key for the synchronicity of that integration. Even the most basic medical device needs to be designed with patient privacy and data security at its core. This is achieved through a combination of appropriate component choice, the correct mechanical design and manufacturing approach, data encryption and obfuscation, and performing a thorough due diligence analysis on the end-to-end design and use. Fen takes this approach for many of its clients’ designs where security is key.

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