Project Description

Proteinable employs a game changing Key Enabling Technology (KET) in creating materials with enhanced properties. It is driven by a genetically engineered protein, originally isolated from the Aspen tree which is a boiling stable protein also resistant to detergents, organic solvents and proteases, rendering it suitable for many industries with a low cost of production by an industrial fermentation.

Our protein has already been successfully used in liquid cooling systems, supercapacitors, and textile materials. It will significantly contribute to the uptake and deployment of carbon nano-tubes (CNT), graphene (GNP), carbon nano-fibers (CNF) and nano-carbon black grades (CB) in a wide range of industrial applications.

We are on the trajectory to revolutionize the optical, magnetic, electrical, and other material properties for improved optoelectronics, quantum devices, high-temperature coatings, thermal management, and more.