Project Description

TREETAINER offers Rapid Deployment Portable Farms using innovative vertical fertigation plant growing technologies. The lighting & irrigation systems, container structures and plant support systems have been developed and tested with three other U.S. companies by growing vegetables. With the support of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base TREETAINER, we aim to introduce our technology to the forest industry to satisfy the following needs:

  • To ensure the supply of the highest quality forest plant to remote DoD customers while reducing production costs.
  • To ensure the interdisciplinary ecosystem management approach

TREETAINER offers a unique modular indoor farming system in expandable containers for producing forestry seedlings in any location, environment, season, or year. Each container, when expanded to its maximum, has an internal space of 950 square feet. But to understand the capacity, it is best to compare the results obtained in prototype model with outdoor forestry growing:

  • Six times faster than outdoor growing
  • Less water usage than polytunnels and glass greenhouses
  • 11,540 sapling ports on a TREETAINER can yield 6 turns per year
  • Annually grow up to 69,000 saplings in 950 square feet using 6-10 gallons per day
  • 10-14 days germination period
  • Ready for planting in just 60 days
  • 95% more efficient germination
  • 50% savings on seeds
  • 90% Saving costs across logistics and distribution + 2 years payback period
  • 64% lower energy consumption vs conventional vertical farming