Sewage systems are crucial to reduce the risks of water-borne diseases and avoid flooding of cities. Cleaning processes are thus highly important to avoid health risks and environmental, economic and societal impacts which can be caused by damaged or blocked sewerage. Hence, there is a high need to develop a system integrating a reliable inspection tool which efficiently varies the cleaning process according to the real demand. The system consists of an ultrasonic inspection system, which detects the degree of pollution and damages. The data captured is used to adjust the cleaning through algorithms. After cleaning, the system keeps a record that provides a reliable cleaning audit trail. Further, it monitors with inertial sensors the system position in real-time to obtain reliable position mapping for the creation of network maps. The solution not only cut costs for cities due to the use of an integrated system which eliminates various inspection and cleaning steps, but it also saves ca. 35% of cleaning costs due to reduced freshwater usage thanks to the on-demand cleaning.