Jesús Campos

Managing Director

Experienced Professional with a demonstrated history of working in the research industry. Skilled in International Project Management, Innovation Management, International Relations, Innovation Development and group Management. Individual with strong business development capabilities holding a Forestry & Environmental Engineering degree and a Master in International Business Administration and Management from both Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Sloan School of Management and ESCP Europe.

Dr. Artur Jarzabek

Technical Manager

Before focusing on technical consulting and project management, Artur was specializing in parallel computing CFD and development numerical methods of data postprocessing, namely advanced data interpolation and error filtering methods. As a project manager of a team of consultants, he adapted agile SW development methods to business and consulting. Currently, he oversees the technical delivery of FEN Technology LLC. He specializes in AI/ML.

Berta Okenve

Chemistry Consultant

Chemist with more than 15 years experience in pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry, with strong knowledge and experience in IP. She also has 5 years of management and consulting experience. She is an expert in developing and maintaining relationships with different DoD stakeholders, as well as understanding the different Agencies inside the Department of Defense to promote new business opportunities for the company.

Alexander McQuire

Mechanical Engineer

Graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Expertise in computer-aided engineering, information technology, and additive manufacturing. He has experience in dealing with DoD stakeholder and technology transfer.

Maria Teresa de Cespedes

Research Analyst/Project Manager

She has successfully translated her extensive public health program management and analysis experience into many other sectors.

Felix Basurto

Physics Consultant/Project Manager

Degree in Physics (2005), a PhD (2010) and MBA (2021). I worked in processing and characterization of polymers and nanocomposites, fire retardant and antimicrobial materials. Experience in managing large consortia projects, ranging from wood-plastic composites, bioplastics with food and agricultural applications and thermoplastic vulcanizates. Currently, PM for USA clients.

Tommaso Romita

Aerospace Engineer

An aerospace engineer with experience thermos-mechanical numerical analysis. A mechanical engineer with experience in CAD design in automotive and railway industry.

David Cañones

Data Scientist

Data Scientist since 2015. Experience in automation solutions based on computer vision algorithms and NLP models. He carried out predictive analytics projects in telecommunication sector (churn models, customer experience management, quality network, etc.) and also in renewable energy plants. In 2019 he won AWS DeepRacer with a Reinforcement Learning algorithm for autonomous driving. Currently he focuses on providing data & analytics solutions to clients who want to leverage their data to increase the value added.

Pedro Muñoz

Data Engineer

Specialist in designing Artificial Intelligence systems for companies. In 2019 he won AWS DeepRacer with a Reinforcement Learning algorithm for autonomous driving. He has experience with Machine Learning models using traditional (scikit-learn, XGBoost, lightGBM) and Deep Learning (TensorFlow, Keras) frameworks and scaling Machine Learning models from prototyping to production using distributed and parallel
computing (Spark, Dask, Celery).

Stephen Horowitz

Senior Simulation Engineer

20 years of engineering and R&D experience in physical modeling, sensors, MEMS, transduction, testing, and consulting. Specialists in Sensor Development, IoT System Development (Hardware and Software), Instrumentation System Design, MEMS/Microfabrication, Acoustics & Transducers, Multi-Physics Modeling, Test and Characterization.

Charles Gerth

Data strategy consultant

Charles has over 30 years of experience in the Software industry running product development and technology services organizations. He has expertise in developing solutions that provide deep language analytics of new and social channels and also ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) measures critical for organizational brand awareness.

Prakash Hemdev

Data and IT strategy consultant

Prakash has over 28 years of experience in the field of IT, spanning business and market development, practice development, and delivery management across multiple industries, business domains, technologies & geographies. He is a specialist in digital modernization, legacy optimization, cloud readiness & migration, security, quality and productivity.

Dr. Sevki Cesmeci

Senior Simulation Engineer

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Southern University with specialization in smart materials and structures, advanced sealing systems, and engineering simulations and optimizations. Principal Investigator of a series of research projects and author of more than 20 peer-reviewed articles published in the scientific press.

Rubén Rodríguez Velázquez

Telecommunications Engineer

Ruben is an expert in hardware and software design and implementation for the aerospace, automotive, medical and consumer goods fields. He has experience in electronic embedded systems (embedded communication links, ASIC satellite implementations, system validation) in and associated communications for very well-known companies as Indra-Space, ALCATEL Space, Philips Semiconductors  and Newlogic Technologies, acting as well as lecturer for training aerospace developers in these companies.

Dr. Ikechuku Nwagwe

Senior Simulation Engineer

Ike is a specialist in simulation with more than 25 years of academic and industrial experience. He worked on projects ranging including Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer, Systems Modelling, Electrochemistry and Magnetics. Experienced in project and line management in the gas turbine, power generation and process industries in companies such as QinetiQ, Alstom.