Simulation and Design

Fen understands the product lifecycle, and knows simulation and virtual prototyping are key drivers in optimizing your design, plus product performance and product security.

Product Understanding

Fen devotes time to really understand your product and focus on key value-adding features to achieve the organization goals.

Data Compilation

With your help, we compile the neccesary data to create the model of your product according to your specific requirements.

Virtual Testing and Analysis

Our team provides timely, relevant results to optimize your product. We are experts in fields as divverse as computational fluid dynamics (CFD); mechanical and structural analysis, and much more.

Model Verification and Validation

In this process results are compared with existing test data to demonstrate that the model predictions are reliable.

New Design and Feedback

Results from the simulations are used to optimize the existing design achieving optimal results, improving preformance, efficiency and a reduction in harmful emissions.


The final step is the construction of the physical prototype to confirm the simulation results.

Case studies: