Project Description

The sun is our planets most abundant source of light and while solar panels are amazing at generating electricity, they are only 20% efficient.  Now imaging channeling the suns light where and when you need it.

FENTINI has achieved this through our patented fiber optic technology. Our solar colector channels sunlight from the outdoors to luminaires located throughout indoor spaces such as offices, warehouses and parking garages.

This provides natural, abundant light increasing productivity, energy levels creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

But what happens when there is no sun?

FENTINI’s luminares have integrated, high efficiency LED’s that automatically match the suns color temperature, adjust their brightness to compensate for cloud cover and illuminate during hours when the sun is not present. The technology we have developed allows this transition to be so seamless, that it is imperceptible to the human eye.

The combination of channeled sunlight and HE LEDs, result in a 95%+ reduction in energy consumption, and eliminate the need for bulb changes for 8-10 years, reducing electrical and maintenance costs.