Project Description


Crisis of global food supply chain is the main challenge of our overpopulated world: Arable farmland is decreasing, food demand is growing, fresh water is scarce and climate change consequences are already here. In-ground agriculture has proven inefficient, so new sustainable farming technologies are urgently needed to complement conventional agriculture. Our mission is to fight the rising global food demand with food grown at your doorstep. Our goal is to deliver a sustainable cultivation method that minimizes the current agricultural footprint while reducing cost as well as resource usage of energy, water and soil and to maximize crop yields.


Vertical Farm is an Indoor Vertical Aeroponics Farm able to cultivate locally and sustainably, all year round, with high crop yields and fair prices. Our high-tech and eco-friendly farming system surpasses current cultivation methods and allows to produce large-scale volumes of organic vegetables all around the year despite the weather or farmland conditions.

It is the first fully automated smart-High Pressure Aeroponics (HPA) farm for large-scale production, transporting sunlight into 15 vertical levels. Our solar photon-concentrator canyon and all cropping parameters are managed by three IT pillars: Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Big Data, generating key decision tools for farmers about future crop parameters. As a result, it saves 64% energy, 98% water and 100% pesticides. With 3 times smaller harvesting times, it reaches crop yields 400 times greater than inground farming.